How Hollywood After Leaving Mark Wahlberg And His Family Are Doing

Hollywood may be the birthplace of movies, but in recent years, we’ve heard reports of a number of famous people moving away from Los Angeles to settle elsewhere. Mark Wahlberg, who played Nathan Drake in Uncharted, is one notable actor who recently left Hollywood and moved to Las Vegas, Nevada, seeking a “fresh start.” He recently discussed how their transition has gone now that the Wahlbergs are situated in Sin City.

Mark Wahlberg departed Hollywood in 2022 for Vegas with his wife of 14 years, American model Rhea Durham, and their four children, Ella, 19, Michael, 16, Brendan, 14, and Grace, 12.

They adore Las Vegas. It’s time for them to follow their interests and careers because I spent a lot of time in Los Angeles doing so. It’s wonderful to see how well everyone is doing there.

Wahlberg has previously mentioned moving out from Los Angeles to offer his “kids a better life,” and it appears like everything is going according to plan for him and his family. While his oldest son plays basketball, his youngest son plays golf, and the youngest son of the family is an equestrian, his oldest daughter has left for college. In addition, Wahlberg has revealed ambitions to “create a lot of jobs” in Las Vegas by opening a studio, a shoe factory, and other businesses.

Mark Wahlberg And His Family
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Mark Wahlberg And His Family

While many of us picture the casinos and other tourist attractions when we think of Las Vegas, Wahlberg has stated that the city is not just about The Strip. He said that their new property, which has a lot of the “family and community” he was drawn to, is located between 15 and 20 minutes from all the activity of Las Vegas. Don’t worry though; the Wahlbergs are also taking advantage of residing in such a famous city. As he recently revealed:

I saw Bruno Mars and Adele. I’ve been to a lot of fantastic restaurants and seen a lot of concerts. Vegas offers a ton of fun things to do.

Given its status as a thriving tourist destination with plenty of opportunities and a welcoming community for him and his family, Wahlberg has referred to Las Vegas as having “the best of both worlds.” The actor looks to be fitting in well in his new home after spending so much time in Los Angeles to begin his career. The actor was born in Boston, Massachusetts, and later chose to work in the entertainment industry.

Among Wahlberg’s most recent projects, Me Time with Kevin Hart and the biography Father Stu, for which he put on 30 pounds, both earned negative reviews. Also on his wish list is a television series based on The Six Billion Dollar Man. The forthcoming canine film Arthur The King is scheduled to be his next release. For updates on the most recent movies released, check out our 2023 movie release schedule.

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