Salaar Movie Review: Salaar Movie Public Review

Salaar Movie Review: Salaar Movie Public Review: Prabhas’s superhit movie was released today. It is being told that this film is making waves at the box office on its very first day. This film is getting very positive reviews from the audience. Today’s post is going to talk about the reviews given by the viewers. Salaar, a film directed by Prashanth Neel, has received very good reviews on IMDB.

  • Movie: Salaar
  • Cast: Prabhas, Prithviraj Sukumaran, Shruti Hassan, Jagapathi Babu
  • Director: Prashanth Neel
  • Running Time: 2h: 55m
Salaar Movie Review
Salaar Movie Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Salaar Movie Review

#1 Review by: Jikku Thomas

Rating: 3 out of 5.

I had a great day at the theater seeing “Salaar.”.

The interval was the high point of the first half, which was passable. But the second half, with its compelling and strong writing, was excellent. “Salaar” has excellent character development while perhaps following the model of the KGF franchise. The action sequences were excellent, especially in the second portion. Varada Raja Mannar, played by Prithviraj, was a wonderful fit for the part, and Deva, played by Prabhas, was as excellent. One significant flaw I found in Shruti Hassan’s performance was how unconvincing it was.

#2 Review by: Biraj Guha

First of all, the Salaar (1) tale will serve as a model for novelesque storytelling in Indian film; it won’t be too easy to follow or too easy to ignore. Second, the film’s gloomy tone was expertly handled; the expansive views and Game of Thrones-style sets effectively capture the violence and despair. Thirdly, Tollywood should now depart from set-song cutaways from the standard since it is remarkably logical and tells expansive stories. I don’t want to watch actors in their underwear belly dancing while I’m trying to follow the plot!
Additional points: Prabhas is excellent, but not at his best.
In the second part, the editing could have been done better.

#3 Review by: Naveen Prabhu

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Salaar Movie Review

Prashanth Neel’s action movie, which is likely the greatest of 2023, was an exhilarating and dynamic experience with very few problems.
The film depicts the deep friendship and relationship arc between Prabhas and Prithviraj. It’s simply great in every way, both in terms of storytelling and direction.
Action scenes are reminiscent of KGF, with strong influences from cinematography and photography direction. Fantastic DOP, with each scene expertly annotated and documented.
The second half was quite good, and the first half seemed decent. Prashant Neel has a distinct approach to filmmaking. The show is stolen by Prithviraj and Prabhas. Prithviraj was an excellent choice, as he steals the entire film.

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#4 Review by: Govardhan Kandula

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Salaar provides an amazing experience! The two tracks and the captivating background score create the ideal musical atmosphere. Returning to his legendary form, Prabhas gleams brilliantly following the failures of Saaho, Radheshyam, and Aadipurush. The plot, which is evocative of Ugram, develops into an incredible experience with extraordinary technical skill. If you’re a fan of KGF in particular, be prepared for Salaar to exceed your expectations tenfold!

Salute, Prashanth.

#5 Review by: Badhon Samaddar

I have been anticipating it since 2020 was announced. Considering that it’s a “Prashant Neel”🙏 Sir movie. “KGF” is one of my all-time favorite Indian movies 🌎. This morning’s encounter was equally as wonderful as the KGF-2 theatrical experience.
I am excited for the next installment 😐.

Salaar Movie Review

You can’t sit still in your seat 💺 because of Number One PanIndia SuperStar Prabhas🦖, Anna, the KGF team, and essentially Ravi Basru’s BGM.

#6 Review by: Abhishek M N

Firstly, I give the middle finger to everyone who is writing a bad review before even seeing the film!
Now let’s get to the tale: A captivating story with heart-stopping moments every ten minutes. The movie’s BGM is good. With his wide appeal, Prabhas has returned to form—something he lacked in his most recent Bollywood productions! In the film, Prithvi Raj has given it his all! When it comes to her character, Shruti Hassan is hardly on screen at all. All of the characters are briefly introduced in this section. If there is such a thing as violence, then Prashant Neel is leading the charge!
Concluding Remarks: I award this masterclass a 5/5!

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